Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why I love Gerard #2

This is a shorter story. But it's cute and I'm in it.
                                                        The pillow thief
The boys' bedroom is on the main floor (Joseph, Noel, and Gerard) , and the girls' bedroom (for Marie and I) is upstairs.
I guess it's hard for Gerard to keep his bed warm because he's so small.  Sometimes at night he likes to go find someone in a warm bed to snuggle up with. Usually, he sneaks into mom's bed, but sometimes I'm "the lucky one".

One night, long after I had gone to bed, I woke up to find my pillow was missing. Without opening my eyes, I felt around for it. I found it, grabbed it and put it back under my head. But just as I did, I heard a little angry voice shout "Hey!!!" My eyes flashed open and I saw Gerard (in my bed!) glaring at me, because I had dared to take my own pillow.
Totally flustered, I said "Gerard, WHAT are you doing in my bed?" He replied in a very quiet and very sweet, sympathy-attracting voice "it's so cozy here.... and warm..... and nice...."

I let him stay, the little monkey.  I'm such a sucker.

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