Saturday, November 6, 2010

Homeschooling vs Public Schooling

This is comment from my grandmother on what to blog about:
 -You could talk about homeschooling versus public school. It may help a lot of mothers with this decision to homeschool or not. Love- A.Winifred, New England.
Thank you grandmother <3
So here it is....

Homeshooling vs public schooling 
 I think homeschooling is a beautiful way to learn and I'm glad I am being homeschooled. Some people would argue with me. Here are their common arguments and my answers to those arguments:

Students should be taught by a certified teacher.

As a homeschooler, I can say that I feel just as educated as most girls my age, if not more so.  My curriculum, like in a public school, is written by specialists and experts.  For the most part, I read the books and teach myself.  If I have any trouble with the instructions from the books, my mother will go over it with me.  We also discuss what I am learning about as we go about our day, and my mom gives me writing assignments that we go over (and over, and over) until she is happy with it.  I take my Science course online with a certified teacher, which is also fun.  We do have a representative from the School Board come and check on us twice a year, and she is great for giving us suggestions on learning more effectively and letting us know about all the resources that are available to us.  I believe that I learn my lessons just as well as most public students, if not better.

 A homeschooler can't make friends when they're always at home.

                                                        Me: I may not make tons of friends, but I don't need tons of friends. I only need friends who are worth being friends with, and I think that I have made those kind of friends.  And just to top it off, I'm not always home.  I go figure skating.  I play on a soccer team.  My family is very social with other (homeschooling and non-homeschooling) families. I go to places where I can make valuable friends like Catholic camps and retreats.  I volunteer in my community.  I'm out of the house as much as I want to be. 
 Homeschoolers are too sheltered and will have a hard time going out into the "real world" from lack of "life experience".

Because I am responsible for my own schedule, I have developed alot of self-discipline, which is a good experience.  I also spend my time with people of all ages, not just all my age, which I think is more like the "real world".  I have run into some bullies and peer pressure in my sports and activities, but I find it not that hard to deal with because I can choose to walk away, which I think is also more like the "real world".  I have had the time and room to grow strong in who I am.

Homeschoolers wouldn't be able to get into a good university  because they don't have the proper papers.

Homeschoolers have been accepted into all of the best schools, because they tend to be hard workers who have a lot to offer.


Homeschooling isn't for everyone, nor is it the only way, but if it's for you that's great!
Homeschooling is a valid way to school your children.

Here's a video that'll make you smile, because it's good to laugh at ourselves sometimes:

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