Saturday, January 15, 2011

Me and my little bother of a brother

I'm working on getting along with my little brother.
We used to get along so well when we were little. We played together every day and had so much fun!
But now we're almost always fighting.
My little brother Joseph is about 11 and loves to get under my skin.  And I let him.
Here's how that happens:

First he'll disobey me or do something that upsets me - just to upset me, I swear. Sometimes it's me just being in a bad mood. Or something is bothering me and I'm grumpy because of it.  
But whatever starts it, when I get mad he acts like I'm the grumpy witch and laughs at me.
So then I try to ignore him, hoping he will just go away.  He never does.
Instead, we have this discussion:
Little Brother: “Oh, she's mad now!"
Big Sister: "Just leave me alone!"
Little Brother :"Oh she's mad! She’s such a grumpy old witch!"
Big Sister: "MOM, Joseph's bothering me"
Little Brother: "Oh yah, now it's my fault"
Big Sister: "Don't lie!  You know you were trying to upset me!"
Mom: “Joseph be nice to your sister.  Angele don't get upset so easily." 

Then I'll think:
"He started it!" "It's his fault!" " I wasn't mad until he made me mad!"
Then I feel sad.  And mad.

Why does Joseph like bothering me so much?  Where's the love?
I think it's a puberty thing.  Him, not me. (I can tell Joseph is going through puberty because he's growing alot, he's getting a mustache, and he has a lot of extra energy). Bothering me must be his way of using his extra energy.
Or maybe he bothers me for entertainment, because I get so upset;

"I don't know about girls.
But for boys, they find some pleasure in upsetting their siblings"  - Fr. Dave.

Still, my mom's right too. I get upset really easily. (In my defense: I don't get upset when it's anybody else, only Joseph.)
Anyway, I shouldn't let him bother me. I can't control what he does, but I can control my reaction.  So, no matter how much he acts like a little brat with a moustache and tries to get me upset, I will remain calm and poised.  Calm.  And poised.  At least most of the time.

I love my little brother and I don't like being mad at him. Me and him have been buddies since we were little.  Sometimes he is a great guy.  I want to like having him around and I want him to like having me around.   Heaven help us, I'll try.                        

If you have something to say about this post or have any ideas of what I can blog about next, please tell me!
God Bless,


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and it is funny the name of our

  2. "Little brat with a moustache"
    Great post hun!

    Tell Joseph that if he doesn't stop harassing you, I won't put the Red Button on my blog, and I won't like him anymore. I'll still love him, but I won't like him.


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