Sunday, September 19, 2010


There are some herbs and salts that help with aches and pains
-but not all aches and pains.
For example:
People do things that drive you crazy just to drive you crazy;
Something happens that "ruins" one of your plans;
You have to repeat yourself over and over again to get someone to listen.

Those are real aches and pains!
And herbs and salts can't help you with them.

Say you don't get a lot of sleep one night. You're already short on patience and something happens that irritates you.  Next thing you know you're shouting.
By the time you go to bed, you've calmed down.
If you're anything like me, you'll feel awful.  You'll wish you hadn't started shouting.  You'll feel sorry that you hurt someone with your shouting. You'll start thinking how awful you must have looked when you were shouting.  Thinking of that will make you feel sick.  Feeling like that stinks.

Shouting is really hard not to do.  When I get mad or upset I want to yell and shout.
But when you think of how awful shouting at someone looks, and how awful you are making that person feel, it really gets to you.
So that's why today I'm writing about shouting.

Today I was going to wear this pink sweater I love.  But when I was about to put it on, I saw a green stain on it.  I looked a bit more and I saw more green!  The green was on the sleeves and on the back; it looked awful!  Something had gone wrong in the wash.  It was beyond saving, so into the trash it went!
I really like that sweater and I was really mad! A few moments later, I was shouting at my brother.  When I calmed down, I had to apologize.  All for a sweater.
When is it worth it to shout?

Is it ever okay to shout?
I thought a bit about those questions.  Here's what I got:
It's never really a good idea to shout; shouting doesn't help! And really it makes things worse.
Sometimes people will understand why you're shouting and won't blame you, but still shouting doesn't help. 

So instead of shouting, when I feel upset, overwhelmed, disappointed or just in a bad mood, I'm going to make the sign of the cross.  It reminds me that God has my back and everything's going to be fine.
Plus I've tested it and it works!
Hope you liked this post!
If you have any ideas of what I can blog about or have something to say about what I just blogged about, please tell me!
God Bless,


  1. You are such an awesome writer my dear!


    Oh, where did you get your signature? I love it!

  2. Thanks Gwenea! :D
    and about my signature, I just typed Angele in to a Microsoft word document and played around with it (making it bigger, changing the font, ect.)Until I got what I what I wanted then copied it into my post.
    God Bless,


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